Analytical method of characteristics of long spiral drilling machine addition to the study on drill power also to improve drilling equipment structure, including: pressure swivel joints for concrete, concrete elbow angle, release valve and drive improvement.
2.drill pipe and drill bits check valve and improvement of casings, unearthed, such as lower fixed vertical sliding retainer to unearthed, which meet the requirements of construction operations on bit valve operation, and orifice drill grounds be cleared in a timely manner and save a lot of labor, improve work efficiency, do construction.
3.pile rack running gear and hoisting winch and column force analysis, study and improvement.
Construction method of long spiral drilling machine characteristics are as follows:
1.Super flowing concrete fluidity, stones can be suspended without sinking in the concrete, not segregation, into the steel cage easy; tilled soil pile against broken piles, construction defects such as shrinkage, collapse, construction quality and easy to be guaranteed;
3.wearing a hard skills, high bearing capacity of single pile, high efficiency, easy operation;
4.low noise, less intrusive, needs no mud no sewage, no precipitation, no squeezing.