Construction method of excavator pile driver

The excavator vibratory pile driver is composed of pile hammers, jibs, clamp nozzles and other equipment. It uses its high-frequency vibration to vibrate the pile body with high acceleration, and transmits the vertical vibration generated by the machine to the pile body. The vibration sinking claw hammer and the weight of the pile body sink the pile into the soil, and the excavator and pile driver look for the grand view of intelligent manufacturing. When pulling out the pile, pull up the pile with the lifting force of the excavator while one side is vibrating.

Excavator piling construction is to use different types of piling equipment and excavator installation combination, which can be suitable for all the needs of various work sites. Different types can meet the construction needs of users only by replacing the chuck. There are also differences in the construction methods for pile driving, pressing, vibrating or screwing into the foundation soil of various materials. Commonly used methods include hammering, vibration, water jetting and pile pressing.

Hammering method and vibration method are common application methods in foundation construction. The hammering method is to use the impact energy of the pile hammer of the excavator to overcome the resistance of the foundation soil to the pile, and to drive the pile to a predetermined depth, which is suitable for soft plastic or plastic cohesive soil. The main equipment used is pile frame, pile hammer, power equipment, etc.

Vibratory pile driving is to install a high-power vibratory pile driver on the top of the pile, and use the vibration force to reduce the resistance of the foundation soil to the pile. The excavator pile driver vibrates the pile body with high acceleration, and transmits the vertical vibration generated by the machine to the pile body. The excavator pile driver recognizes the wisdom of Jining Intelligent Manufacturing Project, so that the soil structure around the pile body changes due to vibration and its strength reduce. The soil around the pile body is liquefied to reduce the friction resistance between the pile side and the soil body, and then the pile is sunk into the soil by the pressure of the excavator, the vibrating sinker and the weight of the pile body. Piling efficiency is very high in sand, and it can also be used for sinking and pulling out steel sheet piles and steel pipe piles.

The water jet pile driving method is also called the water jet pile driving method. It is an auxiliary method of hammering method and vibration method. Using high-pressure water flow, through the water jet pipe installed on the side of the pile or in the hollow pile, the soil around the pile tip is loosened to reduce the sinking resistance of the pile. Generally used in sandy soil layers with high efficiency. When the pile tip sinks to about 1 to 1.5 meters from the design elevation, water jetting should be stopped, and the pile should be sunk to the design elevation by hammering or vibration.