Diesel pile driver construction requirements

1.is not placed entirely reliable and before the completion of all the preparatory work not start diesel pile hammers, diesel hammer should ensure that no foreign body inside, to prevent accidents.
2.when the piston down, are not allowed to start the diesel hammer to prevent the connecting flange and the cylinder is damaged.
3.diesel hammer out of the frame rails or when parked in the wood, are not allowed to start the diesel hammer.
4.measures should be taken to prevent playing eccentric, if found in the construction process must be corrected immediately.
5.if the Pistons on each strike 10 times, total amount of pile-sinking (penetration) is less than 20mm, and must stop immediately, otherwise easily cause piston fatigue fracture.
6.if the pile penetration of smaller, shall promptly check whether the Pistons rebounded on high, adjust the diesel hammer energy or stop at a time.
7.always check the diesel hammer guide plate, landing gear, guide the connecting screws, and tighten according to the stipulated torque requirements. Diesel hammer guide plate, landing gear guide guide part worn or deformed, it must be replaced immediately.
8.deformation or excessive wear of rail pile shall not be used, so as to avoid accidents.
9.pile operation must strictly abide by the provisions of the diesel pile hammer Manual tilt range.
10.diesel hammer or appears damaged or corrupted, you must stop immediately.