How many tons of excavator does the hydraulic vibratory hammer need to be installed?

Hydraulic vibratory hammer: 6-9 meters can be modified with 20-25 tonnage excavators, 9--14 meters are recommended for 30-35 tonnage machines; over 14 meters is recommended for 45 tons of excavators.

The hydraulic vibrating hammer can be matched with various types of excavators. It can pull out steel sheet piles, cement piles, steel rail piles, iron plates, and H plate drainage belts. It is suitable for flood control, dams, pipe drains, earthwork, slopes of soil walls, etc. construction.

Comparison of hydraulic vibration hammer and electric hammer

Six characteristics of high frequency hydraulic vibration hammer

Among piling machinery, many piling machinery only have a single pile-forming performance, and their compatibility and application fields are limited. As a new type of piling machinery, high-frequency hydraulic vibratory hammers have functions that other piling machinery do not have. It is different from other piling machinery with the following six characteristics: 1. It is an environmentally friendly piling machinery. Compared with electric hammer and diesel hammer, high-frequency hydraulic vibratory hammer has less vibration and noise during construction, and does not disturb the people. If equipped with a noise reduction power box, there is almost no noise during work, which is very suitable for urban areas and places where people are concentrated. And construction in places with stricter restrictions on the surrounding area.

2. It is a very efficient piling machinery. Generally speaking, the construction efficiency of high-frequency hydraulic vibratory hammer is ten times that of ordinary pile-handling machinery. The speed of vibratory pile sinking is generally 4-7 m/min, and the fastest speed in non-Yu mud geology can reach 12 m/min. Used in conjunction with the special vibration pile frame, it can shorten the pile setting time and improve work efficiency.

3. It is a relatively portable piling machine. Compared with the static pile driver, under the same working conditions, the total working quality of the high-frequency hydraulic vibrating hammer is only one twentieth of that of the static pile driver, and the entire set of equipment transportation only needs 2 medium-sized trucks. Very convenient.

4. It is a relatively inexpensive piling machine. The high-frequency hydraulic vibrating hammer sold in the Chinese market abroad is very expensive, and its selling price is more than twice the domestic price. Coupled with factors such as after-sales services, my country’s imports are very limited; developed by China Railway Engineering Machinery Research and Design Institute Although the selling price of successful high-frequency hydraulic vibratory hammers with my country’s independent intellectual property rights is higher than that of electric hammers and diesel hammers, compared with static pile presses and rotary drilling rigs, high-frequency hydraulic vibration hammers have completed considerable work. The price of hydraulic vibrating hammer is cheaper, less than half the price of imported products.

5. It is a pile driving machine with a wide range of geological applications. High-frequency hydraulic vibration hammers are divided into three series: conventional type, high-frequency type, and non-resonance type. According to geological conditions and engineering needs, high-frequency hydraulic vibration hammers of different series and different excitation forces can be used as construction machinery. High-frequency hydraulic vibration hammers The ability to penetrate the pebble layer, sand layer, construction waste and other geological layers is very strong. It can adapt to any other geological conditions except that it cannot enter the rock. 6. It is a multi-functional piling machine. The high-frequency hydraulic vibration hammer can not only sink and pull concrete precast pipe piles (PHC piles), various types of steel sheet piles and steel casings, but also can be used as vibration sinking pipe piles, thin-walled impervious walls, surface compaction, and deep compaction projects. And tube pile construction. Tubular pile is currently a new type of pile-forming process with great application and promotion prospects in the field of pile foundations. The use of high-frequency hydraulic vibration hammers for tubular pile construction is an economic, efficient and environmentally-friendly pile-forming process. It is more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more energy-saving than the current cast-in-place piles made by rotary drilling rigs.