Maintenance attention of Hydraulic Piling Frame System in rainy season


When the Hydraulic Piling Frame System is generally constructed outdoors, the rainy season not only increases the humidity in the air, but also the temperature. Under the two-layer environment effect, the mechanical performance of the pile driver is undoubtedly a big challenge. Although the entire structure of the machine is made of high-quality steel, rust is still a common phenomenon that the pile driver has to focus on protection during the rainy season. The following is a summary of the rainy season protective measures.

First of all, we need to pay attention to the cleaning problem. After the rainy season, the chassis of the pile driver must be cleaned. The place that is very close to the ground is also the place where the corrosion is fierce. If the maintenance is not in place, it may even appear loose and perforated. To prevent corrosion, check whether each oil drain screw is loose, and perform maintenance in time, and remove water in the machine where it is found. Prevent rust from affecting the spirituality of the machine.

The pores on the underside of the pile driver will accumulate a lot of sludge, and it will simply cause rust. The acidic components in the rain will corrode the paint surface of the pile driver. If it takes a long time, no treatment will greatly shorten the use time of the pile driver, especially in normal times. In the rainy season, complete paint corrections to the pile driver in advance, waxing or sealing glaze can well maintain the shell of the pile driver.

Moisture prevention in the rainy season is an indispensable preparatory work. Pile drivers often show poor incineration on cloudy and rainy days. The reason is the leakage of the incineration system due to inadequate protective measures and damp, resulting in abnormal incineration or engine performance degradation. Therefore, try to prevent the pile driver from being parked in an excessively humid environment. You should choose indoor storage. If the pile driver is parked for a long time, the machine should be started and exercised once a month to charge the battery. After the machine is stored for a long time, the grease on the piston rod should be wiped off, and all parts should be filled with grease.