Reflected in the construction of long spiral drilling machine advantages

Long spiral manually operated drilling rigs currently drilling is mainly based on the power head motor current: current rated current when power head motor stop drilling when the 90%, drilling power head for some time, after current decreases to a certain value, drilling again, repeat a break down, and ultimately into holes to a specified depth. Masahiro automatic drilling control of the research is based on the output power of the power head speed drilling and speed changes are continuous, step fluctuations will not occur. Because of the inconvenience of manual speed control for a long time, and changed little in depth case artificial speed to some extent and automatic Driller is similar. So this experiment is not used in the drilling process in depth human driller to simulate automatic driller.
Traditional long spiral drilling manual drilling place the winch rope to maximum speed, a one-time drill power current rated current 90%, 80% again to be down to the rated current of the current decentralization of power head for hydraulic winch, this repeated cycle. Artificial simulation of automatic bit feed adjusting the running speed to the power head current stability in rated current of about 85%.
Testing shows that in case of drilling as deep as, simulation of drilling much shorter than time traditional artificial drilling. About 6.6s, calculated according to a pile of 20m, every 4.4 minutes into a pile can save time. In addition, the traditional manual drilling process, many times rated current of current step jump to 90%, and each time they send a drill, relatively large vibrations on the frame. Analog automatic drilling of the current changes in the procedure of drilling 0.5M more stable, less volatile, and almost no vibration. Therefore, both in terms of efficiency or other effects to simulate automatic driller has more advantages than the artificial drilling, if we can realize automatic driller, will lead to greater advantage.