Vibratory hammer applications range introduction

It consists of two equal and opposite rotating the eccentric shaft, on the two axes of the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric part cancel each other out in the horizontal direction, vertical split stack. Vibratory pile hammer consists of motor, guide rods, compression spring, damping, vibration box beams, pulleys and so on. Has a strong penetrating power, and piles of good quality, durable, noiseless, compact, low noise, the advantages of efficient and pollution-free.
Mainly used in heavy piles, steel piles, precast concrete piles. The utility in vibratory hammer vibration box placed on the motor and in balance with the local processing corresponds to the installed motor mount screw holes in vibration spindle on the bezel of the case will gear and separated from the other components within the Cabinet, vertical plate is provided with a number of hard to facilitate ventilation, oil, and vibration box pulley device placed in a box. The utility can expand the use of vibration hammer range, saving money and energy, easy maintenance, long life characteristics.