Vibratory hammer is very important in pile foundation construction equipment

Current vibration pile hammer can be divided into two broad categories. A rotary vibration is used, both by the eccentric shaft (do not coincide with the Rotary Center axis or center of gravity with an eccentric
Axis) rotation to produce vibrations; another type of reciprocating vibration generator, usually a hydraulic-driven reciprocating motion of the piston in the cylinder and vibration. Using Rotary vibration
If the vibrator drive unit for motor, electric vibratory pile hammer if vibrator drive unit for a hydraulic motor, hydraulic vibratory pile hammers. This hydraulic
Vibratory pile hammers in China, more and more, both imported, there are homemade. By Rotary-type vibratory pile hammer of vibration can be connected several, dozens of
Synchronous vibration, to be used for construction of extra large precast pile. Major producers of hydraulic piston reciprocating vibration pile hammer for Japan, and are generally small, not production and application in our country, the new standard does not
Contains the vibratory pile hammer. Japan production of this type of vibration pile hammer, vibration frequency up to 60Hz, but the exciting force of only 373kN. Vibration pile hammer impact can be made into a type of
Impact vibration pile hammer have special needs and characteristics of small pile pile is not connected to the hammer body together. New standard contains the vibratory pile hammer.