Vibratory hammer under different geological structure frequently asked questions

1. in case of lightning, rain, snow, fog, and six more than bad weather such as wind, should cease operations. Wind speed more than seven or the Typhoon alert, pile to the wind should be idle, would pile tube into the 3 m or hammer will vibration to the ground, and the addition of wind cable. If necessary, should be put down. Lightning protection measures must be taken, when the lightning, staff must stay away from the pile.
2. the class homework first before running empty, normal rear components to determine the job.
3. every day job stops, the pile pipes should be sunk into the following, or hammer will vibration to the ground, cut off the machine power supply, so that full braking force, long outages should be parked on a solid flat surface, vibration hammer must fall mat and rain protection measures taken.
4. If using pile gripper should be clamped and then work, shall not release the job pile gripper. Stop job. You must first stop the vibratory hammer vibration loosening after pile gripper. Operator is not allowed to leave their posts.
5. the verticality of pile driving should be corrected in a timely manner. Pile-soil 3M, no pile driving or rotary motion to correct the verticality of pile. Cannot adjust the frame tilt left and right column, tilt adjustment should post before and after should drive left and right braces.