Vibratory hammers in the history and use of development in our country

Thin-walled cylindrical piles because it can save a lot of concrete, mud-free construction of pollution, fast, soil compaction effect of relatively smaller pile, easy to guarantee the quality and low cost advantages, has been more and more recognized by the owner, design institutes and construction units. Currently, DCTP has become more and more widely used in the construction of some key projects in China and other engineering, has now been completed tube pile more than more than 25,000, has had a very good social and economic benefits.
Situ thin-walled cylindrical piles and its characteristics
Situ thin-wall tubular pile refers to outside diameter 800~2000mm, wall 100~250mm, Center filled with soil, situ perfusion and the formation of concrete tubular pile. Its principle is the use of high frequency hydraulic vibration hammer construction steel casing into the ground, poured concrete to a sandwich, start the vibratory hammer pull out steel pipe, forming a piece of in-situ thin-wall tubular pile. Tubular piles consists of single pipe pile and the pile, single pipe pile is mainly used as bearing piles, can also be used for Foundation pit support; conjoined tubular pile is mainly used with the function of water retaining wall.
Cast in place concrete thin-wall tubular pile concept is based on unique technology to make up for the existing prefabricated pile, sinking tubular pile and bored pile's defect as the starting point, and has the following advantages over these piles.