Walking Piling Frame construction site preparation

Infrastructure construction is an important stage in the construction of construction, roads and other engineering projects. Using Walking Piling Frame can work normally in the effective space of the building, and the operation during operation is safe, reliable and simple. It provides quality assurance for basic planning and construction, and is more effective On this basis, speed up the construction process and reduce project capital investment.

The application of mechanical construction not only needs to consider the factors that affect mechanical performance, but also the impact of the use of machinery on the surrounding environment. In order to ensure the safety of construction and speed up the construction process, it is necessary to make corresponding arrangements for the construction environment before using the pile driver for operation:

   1. Accurately lay out the line according to the construction drawings, release the central axis and diameter of the pile position, and conduct a technical review carefully, and only after the relevant departments apply for visa procedures, can the pile body earthwork be excavated.

  2. Before piling, the supervisor shall re-test the positioning axis of each pile, and the hole or static pressure can be formed only if it meets the requirements. After the bored pile is formed, check the axis of the bored pile. After the construction of the pile foundation is completed, the axis error and elevation of each pile shall be measured on the basis of the construction self-test. The piles exceeding the permitted error shall be submitted for planning and processing.

  3. The location of the construction entrance, the location and stacking method of the materials, equipment and turnover materials, the confirmation of the method of on-site traffic arrangements and the construction of the road.

  4. "Five connections and one leveling" operations such as electricity, water, steam, roads, communications, and site leveling. If there is a slope on the construction site, the requirements for the stability of the pile driver should be satisfied, and the soft ground that is not conducive to the operation of the excavator pile driver should be leveled and compacted. When working in the foundation pit and cofferdam, it should be equipped with satisfactory drainage equipment.