What are the reasons for the weak output of the Hydraulic Piling Frame System?

The Hydraulic Piling Frame System of the excavator needs to be started by a diesel belt and powered by oil pressure. The hydraulic pressure can be adjusted according to the different stratum soil quality to achieve the appropriate impact force for piling. The pile driver of the excavator recognizes the wisdom of the Jining intelligent manufacturing project. In actual operation, the effective combination of each operating system is the foundation to ensure the overall piling efficiency and the normal use of the equipment. Once a system failure occurs, the output of the hydraulic piling machine will be weak. Today, I will introduce the reasons for the weak output of the hydraulic pile driver:

One is that the engine speed drops sharply when the external load is large, which is manifested in the following two aspects: check the engine power on time; check whether the hydraulic displacement follows the constant power output, that is, adjust the swash plate without affecting the speed. The angle reduces the displacement.

The second is that the engine does not slow down when the external load is large, and the system speed is normal; this requires debugging the system pressure, because the hydraulic components used by the hydraulic pile driver manufacturers are different from the hydraulic system, and the pressure of the hydraulic cylinders is also different. In the same way, as long as it is debugged according to the manufacturer's rules and regulations, the excavator and piling machine look for the Jining intelligent manufacturing project.

In addition, if the pressure of the relief valve cannot be adjusted and the relief valve is in good condition, it is necessary to check the adjustment system of the hydraulic pump, and even the cylinder block, valve plate, plunger and other parts of the hydraulic pump.

The hydraulic cylinder of the excavator hydraulic pile driver may be leaking rapidly because the safety relief valve is not closed tightly, or the cylinder oil seal is severely damaged. These pervasive piling construction questions may be caused by many reasons, so you should usually pay attention to the overall operating performance of the hydraulic piling machine and maintain and repair it in time.

Hydraulic vibratory pile drivers are mainly installed on excavators. Excavators include excavators on land and amphibious excavators. Excavator pile drivers are mainly used for pile driving. The types of piles include pipe piles, steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles, concrete prefabricated piles, wooden piles and photovoltaic piles driven on water, etc. The excavator pile drivers look for smart manufacturing. It is especially suitable for medium and short pile projects such as municipal administration, bridges, cofferdams, and building foundations. It has low noise and meets urban standards.