What's wrong with the engine vibration of CFG crawler pile driver

The vibration source of the CFG crawler pile driver is mainly the engine. If you want to reduce the vibration, you can improve the balance performance, dynamic performance and assembly accuracy of the engine. Traditional engines use elastic supports to reduce vibration. The characteristics of the rubber bearing isolation device are: simple structure and low cost. It is usually installed on the frame. Because of its stress, it can be divided into compression type and compression type. Shear type, pressure-shear composite type, etc. Compressed rubber vibration isolation device because of its relatively high natural frequency, it is only limited to use in the vertical direction, and not in other directions. The shear rubber vibration isolation device has a general application range due to its low natural frequency, but its strength is not high; the compression-shear composite type combines the advantages of the first two structures.

The mechanical resonance of the CFG crawler pile driver is almost unavoidable. In order to reduce the vibration, the system damping is increased or the dynamic shock absorber is used. The dynamic vibration absorber adopts a viscoelastic damping material, and the energy loss will be great. When the mechanical vibration is transmitted to the damping material, the damping material will be stretched and bent, which will consume a lot of vibration energy, and the effect of reducing the vibration is better. And it does not need to increase other auxiliary equipment and external energy, and takes up less space, so it is a way to reduce the vibration and noise of the CFG crawler pile driver.