What should be paid attention to when using spring vibrating hammer

Summarize the top ten things to pay attention to during the operation of the spring vibrating hammer: please refer to friends during construction:

    Attention 1. When the vibratory pile driver is working, it must be directed by someone. The commander and the operator must check each other's signals before working. Work closely together.

   Note 2. When the vibration starts, use an electric bell or other means to send a signal to notify the surrounding people to leave.

   Attention 3. Vibration hammer and pile cap, pile cap and pipe column (or pile) planes should be leveled up, connecting bolts should be tightened, and should be checked frequently for looseness.

   Note 4. The start of the vibratory pile driver should be accelerated from low gear to high gear.

   Note 5. The vibratory pile driver should pay close attention to the current and voltage indications on the control panel during work. If abnormal noise or other abnormal conditions are found, stop the machine for inspection immediately.

   Note 6. Always check the bearing temperature and whether the bearing cover screws are loose. Strictly check whether the eccentric iron block coupling screws are loose or not to prevent accidents.

   Note 7. When the vibration sinks, it is strictly forbidden to stand around the pipe string (or pile).

   Note 8. When the vibratory pile driver cooperates with water jetting and mud suction to sink, you should contact the relevant personnel in advance and take pictures of each other during work.

  Note Nine. When extending pipe strings or piles and installing pile caps, workers must wear safety belts.

   Note 10. During the vibration sinking process, it is strictly prohibited to perform mechanical maintenance and maintenance work.

  At the same time, the spring vibration hammer has the characteristics of strong filling force, good pile sinking quality, sturdiness and durability, less failure, convenient use, strong power adaptability, and low noise.