Calculation Of Vibration Hammer Efficiency

Main parameters: the amplitude of a frequency ω, excitation, eccentric moment m, weight Q f shock force, vibration, power n
1. power determination of n. Power n is calculated as: N=K · M • n/9550 (kW) in the formula, n is the rotational speed; K=1.25.
2. determination of eccentric moment m. Vibratory hammer eccentric moment will be greater ability to overcome hard soil, and when the vibration amplitude and the total weight of Q is known (weight and vibration of pile hammer weight), you can figure out the eccentric moment: M=Q · A(N·m)
3. determination of the excitation frequency ω.
4. determination of the mass of movable component Q. Vibration amplitudes and acceleration of the hammer, in addition to the need, must also have a certain mass of movable component to eliminate the resistance of piles, pile in the soil of static resistance r and soil penetration of the standard value of n and the relationship between cross-sectional area s: R=4N · S(KN)
Therefore, the piles when subjected to vibration and friction significantly reduced, piles can be sunk at the pile tip resistance equal to the mass of movable component, that is, Q=4N · S
5. determination of the excitation force f. Exciting force f reflects the comprehensive ability of parameters of vibration hammer vibration force f must be greater than the static friction force f between pile and soil, on pile driving process would be vibration loads dropped sharply.