Diesel Hammer Pile Driver Market And Upgrading Programmes

Main diesel pile hammer piling market now sells machines and hydraulic pile pressing machine, hydraulic pile pressing machine tonnage, high prices, mainly used in the construction of artificial islands pile foundation construction, Dagang oilfield based pile for diesel pile hammer piling the coastal drilling. In beach areas, due to the soft surface strata, diesel hammer difficult blasting, ineffective, inefficient, and for its renovation, adding a set of static-pressure devices, using winches powered by pulley power transmission to pile on implementation of static pressure piling in soft stratum section to improve efficiency. In addition diesel hammer pile driver pile driving process emissions from the combustion of diesel hammer was inhalation of diesel hammer piling process, affecting the next blasting efficiency. Installing exhaust diesel pile hammer, blowing exhaust from firing when blasting in a timely manner, can effectively solve the exhaust inhalation problems.