Diesel Hammer Safety Rules Xiangjie

1, before the work, should be slightly above the upper landing gear lift the piston on the cylinder, open the oil plug oil storage room, fill it up with oil by the regulation. Pile hammers for automatic lubrication, special pump lubricant to lube oil piping and people should be adopted, and should exclude air from the pipe.
2, before the work, should open air screw plugs, exhaust air in the circuit and inspection and testing of the fuel pump, observed from the cleaning hole injection; found to be normal, should be adjusted.
3, the new hammer should advance along the Pistons a week on poured one 0.5L lubricants and oil Pistons raise a certain amount of oil under the gun.
4, safe and reliable job agencies should check to make sure the landing gear, piston contact starting hook and line between 5mm ~10MM.
5, filed after prolapse of pile hammer anvil, decline of its length should not exceed 20Omm. When pile-Cap string should be adjusted.
6, check the guide plate wear gap, when the gap exceeds 7mm, should be replaced.
7, the water-cooled pile hammers, water in the water tank should be filled. Cooling water must use soft water. Warm water in winter.
8, hammer starts ago, pile and pile CAP and piles should be on the same axis, not eccentric driving.
9, piling process, should have special responsibility for good control on the crank rope in accident cases, you can use the control rope emergency stop hammering.
10, when the Pistons and starting on the hook after graduation should be continued to bring the landing gear should make it and cylinder meets or exceeds 2m distance.
11, when the Pistons falling while diesel hammer is not firing when blasting, piston can occur a short time on the ups and downs of landing shall not fall, impact-resistant touch block.
12, check the rubber pad, when anvil and rubber gasket contact surface area is smaller than the original 2/3, or cylinder flanges and anvil gap is less than 7mm, shall replace the rubber pad.
13, hammer hit Pistons on maximum jump height of factory specification. Visual determination of highly advisable to meet factory specifications of the sight gauge or formula. When exceeding a specified height, and should reduce the throttle control drop-distance.