Drill Rig Construction Should Pay Attention To These Small Details

Drilling rigs are mechanical equipment for drilling holes on the surface, which can be large outdoor wells, oil wells, natural gas well drilling equipment, or single mobile small equipment, known as auger. Drilling rigs can be sampled for underground deposits, or for installation of underground production equipment such as underground machines, instruments, pipelines and hoists. Can be installed in trucks, trailers, orbit of the mobile device, or is more fixed on the land, sea structures (such as drilling platforms, commonly known as "offshore oil rig", although the design does not contain rigs). The term "rig" refers generally to the equipment that drills the earth's crust.

Drill a lot of construction technology, then we use a small rotary drilling rig into the hole operation should pay attention to what the details of the problem? Today to take you to understand the construction process to pay attention to some of the problems, hoping to give you some help.

1. We have to clean up the construction area before construction, to prevent the hole in the process of things such as holes caused by holes in the drill.

2. When drilling is not the depth of the depth of not too deep, in the depth of the drill to reach the third part of the site is almost, it is conducive to avoid stones and other foreign objects fall into the hole or stuck in the hole wall, which will lead to drill And the hole wall to form a greater friction, resulting in the occurrence of card drill.

3. Up to raise the drill when the action should not be too much, the action caused by the General Assembly brought the soil, stone chips fall into the hole, it is best to slowly drill, while drilling rig.

4. To play the rock to pay attention to the process of drilling, drilling speed as slow as possible, drilling speed selection is very important.

Above is for everyone to summarize the rig construction process to pay attention to some of the details of the problem, so that the above requirements, the progress of the project is a multiplier, while our rotary excavator also have some benefits.

Daily maintenance

First, the rig regularly check the items

1, the main structural conditions of the rig, the structure of connecting bolts, structural parts connecting pin, the structural parts of the weld, basket structure and safety protection to check, in particular, before entering the use of qualified units should be qualified to its Safety performance testing, qualified before use;

2, on a regular basis for a variety of power head, working cylinder, drill drill pipe to check the situation;

3, regularly on the winch of the reel anti-wire rope off the device and the height of both sides of the edge of the roll wall conditions, the number of wire rope tail on the reel to check the number of weeks, especially for the brake port should be the focus of the project at any time to check ;

4, the electrical system inspection, the main inspection items: special power box settings and short circuit protection and leakage protection devices, emergency power switch, electric box shock absorber, work device on the cable fixed, lighting lines, Flow zero line;

Second, the rig should be checked at any time

1, the rope rope end of the consolidation of the situation to check;

The contents of the wire rope inspection are: the number of wire rope safety ring, the selection of steel wire rope, installation, lubrication, wire rope defects, such as wire rope diameter and wear, wire rope broken wire number;

2, at any time on the rig of the pulley system to check, the main inspection items: pulley situation, transition pulley anti-rope skipping device;

3, at any time on the rig of the walking system to check, the main inspection items are: pile driving pipe, card board and hook pipe system conditions, sleepers laying;

Third, do a good job drilling maintenance records, spare parts should be replaced with a detailed record to ensure that spare parts within the validity period, or keep abreast of the next replacement time;

Fourth, check the rig is faulty, should immediately stop the operation, before the failure is not excluded before use.