Drill Rig Four Classification Methods

With the continuous development of drilling production, the use of drilling conditions are more and more diversified, corresponding to the emergence of various types of rigs. Factors affecting the type and composition of the rig are drilling methods, drilling depth, borehole size and tool size, drilling area conditions (such as electricity or fuel, transportation, weather conditions), etc.

First, according to drilling method points

(1) impact rigs, such as wire rope impact drill (drilling drill), vibration drilling machine.

(2) rotary rigs, such as rotary drilling rigs.

(3) underground power drilling tools, such as rotary drilling tools, turbine drilling tools, screw drilling tools, electric drilling tools.

Second, according to the depth of drilling points

(1) ultra-deep drilling rig. Using a diameter of 114 mm drill pipe, the nominal drilling depth of more than 7,000 meters, the maximum hook tied for more than 4,500 kilograms of rigs.

(2) deep well drilling rig. Using a diameter of 114 mm drill pipe, the nominal drill depth range of 4000-7000 meters above the maximum hook for the 2250-4500 thousand cattle above the rig.

(3) deep well drilling rig. Using a diameter of 114 mm drill pipe, the nominal drill depth range of 1500-4000 meters above the maximum hook for the 900-2250 kilos above the rig.

Third, according to the power equipment points

(1) Diesel-driven rigs, diesel-powered rigs driven by mechanical or hydraulic drives.

(2) AC drive drilling rig, suitable for industrial use of the oil field

(3) DC drive rig, the working unit with DC motor drive.

Fourth, according to the drive way points

(1) driven separately. The work of the machine to choose a different size of the generator drive, used for electric drive, the drive is simple, easy to install, but the power utilization is low, the total mass of equipment.

(2) unified drive. Winch, drilling pump and turntable three working units driven by the same power unit. Most of the rigs use this option. The unified drive can also include only one drilling pump and another drilling pump alone. Unified drive rig power utilization is high, the engine failure can be transferred to each other, but the drive complex, installation and adjustment trouble, low transmission efficiency.

(3) group drive. The combination of power between the single drive and unified drive between the three work machines can have two options. The power utilization of this rig is higher than that of the single drive, the drive is more simple to drive, and the two sets of work machines can be installed at different heights and scattered sites.