Drill Rig Related Knowledge You Know?

Drill Rig related knowledge you know?

I plant drilling rig according to the different depth of drilling, simple, different degrees of convenience there are many types, such as BZC vehicle-mounted wells, CYT series of Drill Rig, YT series of Drill Rig, 600 meters rig, 400 meters drilling rig.

Drill Rig First, BZC series of vehicle rig maintenance:

1, the development of maintenance cycle table, to determine the contents of the maintenance and implementation of standards.

2, reasonable arrangements for construction personnel, do maintenance workload forecast.

3, the development of equipment maintenance standardization guide book.

4, improve the equipment maintenance records.

A. Regular cleaning equipment, chartered equipment, a good operating environment, timely processing of various problems hidden;

B. Check fastening bolts regularly to prevent loosening and tightening in time;

C. Reasonable allocation of construction personnel, perform their duties, in close cooperation;

D. To ensure that the construction workers on duty, correct operation, regular inspection

Drill Rig Second, CYT series of rig failure repair:

1, by the professional and technical personnel for maintenance;

2, the construction of professional maintenance tools, to discuss a reasonable maintenance methods;

3, to ensure the quality of maintenance at the same time, improve work efficiency.