Drill Rig Used To Install Underground Production Equipment

Drilling rigs can be sampled for underground deposits, or for installation of underground production equipment such as underground machines, instruments, pipelines and hoists. Can be installed in trucks, trailers, orbit of the mobile device, or is more fixed on the land, sea structures (such as drilling platforms, commonly known as "offshore oil rig", although the design does not contain rigs). The term "rig" refers generally to the equipment that drills the earth's crust.

Application scope

(1) In the exploration of deposits, especially in the exploration of rare metals such as non-ferrous metals, tunnel drilling is used to reclaim ore deposits, cryptographic exploration and geological structures to delineate ore bodies and sampling and verification.

(2) In the mining of the mine, the tunnel drilling technology is often used to drill underground observation holes, ventilation holes, drainage holes, gas discharge holes, grouting holes, blasting holes, anchoring holes and drilling holes and so on.

(3) In the field of other geotechnical engineering construction, the equipment and technology of tunnel drilling can be used for the reinforcement of the geological hazards of the dam foundation, and the underground construction of industrial commercial traffic and other aspects.

(4) for the building foundation, plant foundation, high-speed rail base, highway foundation and other rock foundation foundation construction.

Replacement of the throttle valve of the rig

1, replace the valve plate and seat: remove the valve chamber pressure, remove the bonnet bolts, the valve plate and the valve cover with the above part out. Remove the slotted nut, switch pin, hexagonal screw, front and rear stop cap, you can replace the cylinder plate, while the replacement valve seat. Clean the valve chamber, should be particularly careful sealing surface. Replace the new valve plate, seat, should be in the valve plate and the valve cover before the gap with the sealing part of the grease filled, and inside the cover with calcium-based lubricants, in order to lubricate the bearing.

2, replace the lip seal Fill: the implementation of the first to remove the valve chamber pressure, and then remove the shield, round nut, hand wheel, bearing gland, bearings, packing gland, and then replace the lip seal.

3, replace the bearings: remove the shield, round nut, hand wheel, bearing gland, then you can put on the bearing. To replace the bearing, need to remove the stem nut, bearing clearance bearing cover adjustment, after adjustment, turn the hand wheel should be flexible, no jamming.