Excavator Hydraulic Hammer Piston Damage Fault Common Causes

  Excavator Hydraulic Hammer Piston Damage Fault Common Causes:

  1. The cause of the work surface scratch

  A. Low surface hardness.

  B. mixed with impurities in the hydraulic oil.

  C. Drill guide sleeve (upper and lower bushings) The gap is too large and the guide sleeve is defective. Hydraulic Hammer In the work of the drill rod, the axis is tilted, and when the piston is hit on the drill rod, it is subjected to an inclined reaction force which decomposes an axial force and a radial force which urges the piston to the side , Hydraulic Hammer The original gap disappears, the oil film is damaged, dry friction is formed between the cylinder and the piston surface, with the result that the piston surface is scratched.

  Break up

  Piston material in the forging or heat treatment which produces cracks, the crack under the action of alternating stress, Hydraulic Hammer so that the crack to expand until the break.

  3. Working surface depression, depression around the crack and crack.

  A. carburized low alloy steel piston is the impact of the end of the depression, crack crack the internal causes, Hydraulic Hammer we found through a large number of investigations, carburized low alloy steel piston due to impact depression, cracks, crack and the majority of failure.

  B. The hardness of the piston parts and the hardness of the drill rod to be hit parts should be appropriate.