Excavator Use Hydraulic Hammer Maintenance Methods

  Excavator use hydraulic hammer maintenance methods

  Excavator hydraulic hammer hammer maintenance;

  As the hydraulic hammer working conditions are very bad, the correct maintenance to reduce the occurrence of machine failure and extend the life of the machine. In addition to the routine maintenance of excavators, hydraulic hammer should also note the following points.

  (1) Appearance inspection Check the gap between the drill rod and its bushing and check whether there is hydraulic oil exudation. If oil oozing, hydraulic hammer indicating that low pressure oil seepage is damaged, should be replaced by professionals. Check whether the relevant bolts are loose and whether the pins at the connection are worn.

  (2) lubrication work device lubrication point at least twice a day grease.

  (3) replacement of filter and hydraulic oil using hydraulic hammer, the hydraulic oil deterioration and pollution than ordinary bucket operation is much faster. hydraulic hammer Normally, the oil filter and hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system should be replaced by half of the normal replacement cycle.