Guide Rod Type Diesel Hammer With Distinction And Cylindrical Diesel Hammer

Guide rod type diesel hammer plunger-hammer on the pile CAP, cylinders for Hammer along the two guide rods lift. Piling Shi, first will pile hanging to pile frame in the in place, again will diesel hammer through fast put hoist pulled to pile top, lowered hook will cylinder hanging up, and off open hook let cylinder Xia running noose into column plug, will closed in cylinder within of air for compression, cylinder continues to whereabouts, until cylinder body outside of pressure pin push pressure hammer seat Shang fuel pump of shake Rod Shi, fuel pump on will oil fog spray into cylinder within, oil fog encountered ignition above of high temperature gas, immediately occurred burning burst, explosive down impact makes pile sinking, up top push, makes cylinder rebounded, Cylinders along the Guide rods fall again, and began the second shock cycle.
Cylinder cylinder diesel hammer as a hammer, and directly guided by long the inner wall of the cylinder, eliminating the two guide rods, piston is the hammerhead, can move up and down in the cylinder. Driving will lower hammer pile cap on top of the pile, hooks for lifting piston and hook down impact, compressed air in a closed cylinder. For fuel injection, explosion, impact, and work processes such as breathing.
Diesel hammers is leans diesel to start, and therefore must ensure that the compression ratio of closed gas cylinder up to a certain, sometimes in soft soil stratum when piling on, often because the force is too small and compressed enough and unable to ignite the priming, you need to hook several times lifted the hammer impact of decoupling, to boot. Diesel hammer hammer attached to the fuel injection pump, fuel tanks, cooling water tank and Cap. Plunger and active clearance between the cylinder with elastic piston ring seal.