High Efficiency Of Drilling Rig Construction

  High efficiency of drilling rig construction

  According to statistics, the current total number of domestic drilling rig enterprises has more than a thousand, a fierce competition, and in many construction teams to create different profits, especially the newly opened drilling enterprises or rig construction team, or even a loss Phenomenon, the other main reason is only concerned about the price of drilling engineering, and strive to quickly return funds, ignoring the geological conditions, construction programs, team strength and management methods and other factors, resulting in the construction process, heavy work and no Chapter, and even appeared collapse hole, sediment, slipping and other failures, seriously affecting the progress of the project and team reputation.

  There are a number of factors for how to operate a rig, so that each rig has a lot of factors, mainly because of the changing geology, not the way of cooperation, without pile diameter, column length, geographical location and climate, etc. Conditions, although the relevant factors are more complex, but as long as careful preparation, in practice to explore and accumulate experience, to avoid losses, to create good results is not difficult.

  First in the procurement of drilling rig, to choose a reliable quality, stable performance, good reputation, after-sales service convenient brand. The quality of the drilling rig / well drilling rig is an important factor in the rig construction enterprise / team. With the rig, but also configure the high-quality drill pipe, drilling machine output torque, pressure, vibration, all the role in the drill pipe, so the quality of the drill pipe directly affect the production schedule. Configuration drill, according to different geological structure to replace the different drill, so as to improve the construction efficiency;

  Followed by the formation of the team, the team is to achieve the goal by the collaboration of the staff of the group, is composed of employees and management of a community, it is reasonable to use each member of the knowledge and skills to work together to solve the problem, to achieve common aims. So a good construction team will be able to create excellent results, and can create a construction brand image, a good team is an invisible wealth.

  And then the engineering inspection, due to geological changes, pile diameter, pile length and engineering location, resulting in the unit price, the construction process is different, so the need to field investigation of specific circumstances, through the past experience to analyze the details of the budget results, So as to determine whether to sign the project; not geology on the rig construction efficiency, construction difficulty, construction program, mechanical wear, material consumption and so have an important relationship, so before the signing of the details of the analysis. The cost of inputs, the location of the project is different, resulting in transportation costs and material prices are different, resulting in changes in the cost of investment.

  Finally, other factors: seasonal climate and other factors, hydrological factors, concrete factors, site factors, construction experience. Only to do the preparatory work, efforts to reduce costs, in order to improve efficiency.