How Long Auger Drill Machine Check For Hydraulic Deficiencies

  How Long Auger Drill Machine check for hydraulic deficiencies

  Long Auger Drill Machine pile piles with hydraulic walking chassis, a high degree of automation, self-walking and 360-degree rotation, with four hydraulic legs and a walking cylinder to assist in walking and rotation while increasing the overall stability of the construction, Can be transporters. Column for the folding box-type column, flange connection, the column with two high-thickness mask and bending machine with a large bending machine, Long Auger Drill Machin welded by two welds at the same time within the column every 60cm welding four Reinforcement is reinforced and the torsion resistance of the column is increased. The column is controlled by two variable-width hydraulic cylinders. The swing-and-release valve is generally caused by insufficient hydraulic pressure, and the reason for insufficient oil pressure is abnormal leakage.

  For the distribution system has a constant flow pump (some concrete pump distribution system and the main cylinder share an oil pump). After the completion of the above steps, should also check the pump pressure is normal, the pressure is insufficient to adjust or remove the wear and tear situation. Check the appearance, Long Auger Drill Machin see tubing, joints, valve body, oil pump, cylinder whether there is leakage phenomenon. Check whether the distribution valve is injured, wear serious, resulting in insufficient pressure.

  Check the Long Auger Drill Machine machine hydraulic oil level is normal, into the oil filter is too dirty, otherwise it may cause poor oil. Under normal circumstances, the filter block will be accompanied by noise increases and oil temperature rise and other phenomena, and the reversing pressure is insufficient, sometimes no time, and therefore should be replaced, otherwise it will accelerate the oil pump and other hydraulic components wear. Long Auger Drill Machin The accumulator bladder may be damaged and need to be replaced. Check the accumulator pressure. Can be used in the shutdown with a pressure gauge, usually 110MPa, the machine can also run by observing the pressure gauge reading to determine the decline in the situation under normal circumstances when the pressure drop 3MPa ~ 4MPa. If you do not meet the specified value, adjust the overflow Flow valve, see the pressure is rising, if not up, Long Auger Drill Machin you should check the relief valve to see if the spring is damaged, stuck, the valve is serious wear and tear.