How To Improve The Efficiency Of Drilling Rig Construction

The construction speed of engineering rig is limited by many conditions, and the good construction method and strategy are the best way to improve the drilling efficiency, which can shorten the construction time greatly and reduce the waste of human and financial resources.

So what should be paid attention to before the construction rig is effective to improve the construction efficiency?

1. Procurement of drilling rig: To select reliable quality, stable performance, good reputation, convenient after-sales service brand. The quality of the project anchored drilling rig is an important factor of drilling rig construction Enterprise/team. With the rig, but also to configure high-quality drill pipe, drilling rig output torque, pressure, vibration, all the role in the drill pipe, so the quality of the drill pipe directly affect the production progress. In order to improve the construction efficiency, it is necessary to change different bits according to different geologic structure.

2. Engineering investigation: Because of the changeable geology, pile diameter, pile length and project geographical location, resulting in the unit price, construction technology is different, so we need to investigate the specific situation, through the past experience to analyze the details, to get the budget results, so as to determine whether to sign the project; the efficiency of different geology on the drilling rig Construction plans, mechanical wear, material consumption and other important relationships, so before signing the details of the analysis. Cost input, the location of the project is different, resulting in different transport costs and material prices, resulting in changes in the cost of investment.

3. Team formation: The team is a group of people who collaborate with each other in order to achieve the goal, is a community composed of staff and management, it is reasonable to use each member's knowledge and skills to work together to solve the problem, achieve common goals. Therefore an excellent construction team will be able to create excellent results, and can create a construction brand image, a good team is an intangible wealth.

4. Weather environment factors: hydrological factors, concrete factors, site factors, construction experience and so on. Only by doing well the construction preparation work, the effort reduces the cost expense, can raise the benefit.