How To Improve The Service Life Of The Hydraulic Vibro Hammer?

The hydraulic Vibro Hammer includes: A transmission gear, fixed in the eccentric mass block on the transmission gear; wherein, the transmission gear is the eccentric gear, and the center of gravity of the transmission gear and the eccentric mass of the product is located in the same side of the transmission gear axis. The hydraulic Vibro Hammer provided can effectively increase the eccentric mass of the hydraulic Vibro Hammer, thus increasing the vibration force and amplitude of the hydraulic Vibro Hammer, thus effectively improving the working efficiency of the hydraulic Vibro Hammer.

The hydraulic Vibro Hammer device and its exciting method belong to the field of pile engineering machinery. The device comprises a damping beam, a clamp and an eccentric rotary vibrator, and the eccentric rotary vibrator of the product has only one eccentric rotary system, i.e. a motor or motor drives an eccentric block to produce a vibration. When the vibrating sinking pile is used, the device shall be fitted symmetrically with a new Vibro Hammer device of two identical products, according to the Theory of self synchronization, the two eccentric rotary Exciter realizes the synchronization, the horizontal directional forces are mutually offset, the vertical direction of the force is superimposed, the excitation force acting on the pile is equivalent to the exciting force produced by a traditional Vibro Hammer installed at the position of the pile axis. This product is simple in structure, easy to maintain, not limited by the size of the pile, because of the cancellation of synchronous gears and significantly improve the life of the Vibro Hammer.

Because the working environment of hydraulic Vibro Hammer is generally bad, it is easy to lead to the fault, in order to eliminate the hidden trouble and shorten the maintenance cycle, it is necessary to carry out daily and regular maintenance.

1. Daily Maintenance and maintenance

1 Vibration Hammer Keep clean, after each class to wipe clean hammer body and power station oil, dust, rust traces, water traces.

2 Each fastener must check regularly, keep the link firm and reliable.

3 lubrication points should be lubricated according to lubrication requirements.

4 the hydraulic oil in the tank should keep the normal liquid surface and the oil temperature should be kept normal. Always check the cleanliness of the oil and place its pollution.

5 often check whether the water in the hydraulic tank, if the water caused by oil emulsification should be immediately removed or replace the hydraulic oil.

6 should always check whether the instrument is stable and ready to be repaired or replaced.

7 Check the oil circuit system whether there is leakage, and timely treatment.

8 Check diesel tank, machine tank, cooling water tank liquid surface is normal, if the liquid level is too low please add in time.

2, regular maintenance and maintenance

Clean the tank regularly and replace the hydraulic oil. Running-in period continuous work 500 hours, replace the first hydraulic oil, three months after the replacement of the second, the nineth month to replace the third time. Later replacement time depends on the situation.