Hydraulic Hammer Basic Principles And Construction

The basic principle and construction of hydraulic hammer

Hydraulic hammer belongs to impact piling hammer, according to its structure and working principle can be divided into single acting and double acting two. The single acting type refers to the impact of the hammer core through the hydraulic device to a predetermined height after the rapid release of the impact of the hammer to the free way to fight the pile; double action refers to the impact of the hammer through the hydraulic device to a predetermined height, from the hydraulic The system gains acceleration energy to increase the impact speed against the pile. This is also corresponding to the two piling theory, single-acting hydraulic piling hammer corresponding to heavy hammer tapping theory, with a larger weight of the hammer, lower impact speed, longer hammer action time is characterized by pile hammer per click Penetration, to adapt to a variety of shapes and materials pile type, loss of pile rate is low, especially suitable for playing concrete pipe pile. Double acting hydraulic piling hammer corresponding to the theory of hammer weight, with a smaller weight of the hammer, the higher the impact speed, shorter hammer pile action time is characterized by the impact of energy, the most suitable for playing steel piles.

The hydraulic hammer includes a hoisting device and a hopper; the hydraulic hammer itself is provided with a power device, and the power output end is driven by a clutch to drive the deceleration mechanism, and the deceleration mechanism is connected with a power conversion mechanism, and the power conversion mechanism rotates the output of the reducer To the upper and lower movement along the axial direction of the hopper; and to drive the piston to the movement of the hydraulic fluid to the drill. In the course of the work, the hammer by the hydraulic oil impact drill, the reaction force and passed to the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic oil absorption, making the hydraulic hammer vibration smaller, the machine has a protective effect. As the hydraulic hammer itself with a power plant, in the wild or poor environmental conditions in the region, as long as the hydraulic hammer can be brought. Greatly simplifies the field operations required mechanical equipment.

Due to the engineering geology, various pile bases have been applied in Guangdong. Among them, prestressed concrete pipe piles are a kind of new type of pile, which has the advantages of low cost, reliable quality and fast construction speed. Prestressed concrete pipe piles have been widely used in Guangdong, prestressed concrete pipe pile piling equipment has also been developed, advanced imported piling equipment and distinctive domestic piling equipment are in the prestressed concrete pipe pile construction An important role in promoting the pomp market to flourish. This article will introduce a foreign has been widely used in advanced piling equipment - hydraulic piling hammer development and application.

Hydraulic hammer due to the high efficiency of piling, low noise, vibration, no smoke pollution, its advanced nature has been widely recognized. Today, in Western developed countries and Asia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore and other countries and regions, hydraulic piling hammer has completely replaced the diesel piling hammer, piling the market has become the absolute main force. With the progress of social civilization and economic development, with hydraulic piling hammer instead of diesel piling hammer in the inevitable, which is the national industrial level and the degree of civilization symbol.