Hydraulic Hammer During The Work Of The Operation Personnel

  Hydraulic hammer during the work of the operation personnel should pay attention to the following points:

  A) The hose should stop working when it vibrates violently

  Should check the hydraulic hammer high pressure and low pressure hose whether the vibration is too severe. If that is the case, it may be a malfunction and should be contacted immediately with your local authorized service to obtain the maintenance service. The hose joints should be further checked for oil leakage, if there is seepage oil, should be tightened the joint. As shown in the figure, during the operation should be visual steel whether the amount of excess, if the amount must be stuck in the lower body, should be removed, to see if the Department of the good Yao astonished pseudo-super sickle pieces should be repaired or replaced defective parts.

  b Stop the operation (avoid excessive air strikes)

  Once the stone is smashed, it should stop hammering immediately. If sustained air strikes, bolts will be loose or broken, and even excavators, loaders will be adversely affected. When the hydraulic hammer is improperly penetrated or the steel is used as a pry rod, the air strike phenomenon will occur. (The sound will change when a hydraulic hammer blows in the air)

  c) Hydraulic hammers can not be used to move stones

  Do not use steel or bracket side to roll or push stones. Because at this time the oil pressure comes from excavator, loader big arm, small arm. Bucket, swing or slide operation, so the size of the arm will be damaged, while the hydraulic hammer bolts may be broken, the stent will be damaged, steel will break or scratch, should avoid the use of broken hammers to move stones. In particular, steel inserted in the stone, digging must not walk.

  D) The steel should not be used as a lever.

  If the steel is used as a lever, the bolts and steel may break.

  e) Continuous South call not more than one minutes

  When hitting a hard rock, the same strike lasts no more than one minutes, and then another strike.

  Long-time strike operation will cause the oil temperature to rise, which will lead to steel bushing damage and steel progress wear.