Hydraulic Vibro Hammer Maintenance And Maintenance

Maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic Vibro Hammer

As the hydraulic Vibro Hammer working environment is generally harsh, easy to lead to the occurrence of failure, in order to eliminate the hidden trouble, shorten the maintenance cycle, it is necessary to carry out its daily and regular maintenance and maintenance.

1, Hydraulic Vibro Hammer daily maintenance and maintenance

1) Vibro Hammer to keep clean, after each class to wipe dry hammer and power station on the oil, dust, rust, water mark.

2) the fasteners to always check, keep the link solid and reliable.

3) Lubrication points should be lubricated according to lubrication requirements.

4) the hydraulic oil in the tank should maintain the normal level, the oil temperature should be normal. Always check the cleanliness of the oil and place it for contamination.

5) often check whether the water tank into the water, if the water caused by oil emulsion should be immediately removed water or replacement of hydraulic oil.

6) should always check whether the instrument is stable and ready to be normal, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced.

7) Check the oil system for oil spills and handle it in time.

8) Check the fuel tank, tank, cooling water tank surface is normal, if the liquid level is too low, please promptly add.

2, Hydraulic Vibro Hammer regular maintenance and maintenance

To clean the tank regularly, replace the hydraulic oil. Run-in period for 500 hours, the replacement of the first hydraulic oil, three months after the replacement of the second, the ninth month to replace the third time. The replacement time is subject to change.