Long Auger Drill Machine High Degree Of Automation Can Be Rotated 360 Degrees

The long auger rig consists of two parts: a hydraulic walking pile and a drilling system. Pile frame with hydraulic walking chassis, a high degree of automation, self-walk and 360-degree rotation, with four hydraulic legs and a walking cylinder to assist in walking and rotation while increasing the stability of the machine when the machine can be transported The Column for the folding box-type column, flange connection, the column with two high-thickness mask and bending machine with a large bending machine, welded by two welds at the same time within the column every 60cm plus four welding Reinforcement is reinforced and the torsion resistance of the column is increased. The column is controlled by two variable-width hydraulic cylinders. The drilling system includes the power head and the drilling tool, the output shaft of the power head and the auger are hollow, the pile adopts the long spiral hole, and the concrete (or mud) can be pumped by the drill pipe center pipe to the concrete CFG pile construction , That can be drilled into a hole a machine to complete, can also be used for dry hole, grouting replacement drill can also take a deep mixing after a variety of methods such as construction.

CFG pile driver is the foundation and foundation treatment equipment, suitable for CFG method, prefabricated pile, pouring pile, underground continuous wall, soft foundation reinforcement, especially for the construction of pile foundation construction.

The machine has the following characteristics:

1, pile driver with long spiral into the hole, through the drill pipe center tube to the concrete (or mud) into the bottom of the hole. Both drilling into a pile to complete, can also be used dry hole, grouting replacement of a variety of methods.

2, the power head with dual drive, large center through the reducer, load, high overload capacity, compact structure, low noise, long life, is the best domestic power plant driver.

3, the pile frame for the hydraulic walking structure, can be self-landing column, walking, rotation, alignment accurate, reliable, high construction efficiency, low labor intensity.

4, pile driver using haulage and shipping combination of the way, the overall strong, convenient site transfer, low cost.

5, the whole electrical, hydraulic, manipulation, monitoring instruments are concentrated in the driver room, the drill staff easy to operate. The main technical parameters CFG20 CFG261, the maximum drilling depth m 20 26 2, drilling diameter mm φ400-800 φ400--800 3, the maximum lifting force KN 240 400 4, the column allows the tilt angle 30 2O 5, power head power KN 2 * 45 2 * 55 6, drill pipe speed r / min 21 21 7, the power head maximum output torque KN.m 39 48.5 8, walking speed m / min 4.8 4.8 9, walking step m / min.