Long Auger Drill Machine Structure And Working Principle

The Long Auger Drill Machine of two parts: a hydraulic walking pile and a drilling system. Pile frame with hydraulic walking chassis, a high degree of automation, self-walk and 360-degree rotation, with four hydraulic legs and a walking cylinder to assist in walking and rotation while increasing the stability of the machine when the machine can be transported The Column for the folding box-type column, flange connection, the column with two high-thickness mask and bending machine with a large bending machine, welded by two welds at the same time within the column every 60cm plus four welding Reinforcement is reinforced and the torsion resistance of the column is increased. The column is controlled by two variable-width hydraulic cylinders. The drilling system includes the power head and the drilling tool, the output shaft of the power head and the auger are hollow, the pile adopts the long spiral hole, and the concrete (or mud) can be pumped by the drill pipe center pipe to the concrete CFG pile construction , That can be drilled into a hole a machine to complete, can also be used for dry hole, grouting replacement drill can also take a deep mixing after a variety of methods such as construction.

Structure and working principle: The hydraulic bench is mainly composed of the top pulley group, the column, the inclined pole, the chassis, the walking mechanism, the rotary mechanism, the hoisting mechanism, the control room, the hydraulic system and the electrical system.

Column for the folding type, the use of box-shaped cross-section structure type, flange connection. Columns on both sides with round or square chute as a power head, drill pipe up and down movement of the guide and torsion. The box is equipped with box-type folding column using hydraulic cylinder for landing, convenient and quick, no need to disassemble when transport. The lower part of the column is hinged with the upper plate, and the rear part is hinged with the inclined strut. The top of the column has a pulley block to complete the takeoff and landing of the power head, the reinforcement cage and the grouting pipe. The power head can be swung up and down along the slide.

Walking organization

The walking mechanism is hydraulic. When the four legs out of the hydraulic cylinder support, the next plate from the ground through the hydraulic system to drive the walking cylinder to achieve pile driver boots before, and then put away the legs fall, through the hydraulic cylinder to pull the chassis forward, after so repeated Operation to achieve pile driver forward.

Rotation mechanism

Rotary mechanism by the medium-speed hydraulic motor driven by the reducer, in the four legs with the hydraulic cylinder, the pile can be achieved 360 degrees rotation. Because the hydraulic motor has the characteristics of stable power, smooth operation, small inertia of rotation and high starting efficiency, the pile driver has the advantages of smooth rotation, no impact, no vibration, good stability of the whole machine and long service life.

Power organization

Power head with three-ring reduction mechanism, such a slowdown is already a very mature product. Large center hole reducer, load capacity of high load, compact structure, low noise, long life, is the best domestic power rig rig. It has two air-cooled motors, gear reducers, elbows, exhaust devices, lifting racks and smooth components. At work, the two motors drive the high speed of the gear unit through the coupling, drive the low speed shaft through the flange to the drill pipe and the drill bit for the rotary motion.

Hydraulic mechanism

Mainly composed of seven hydraulic cylinders. Which includes four leg cylinders, a walking cylinder, two variable speed cylinder. The legs are distributed in the four corners of the machine to achieve the main body of the landing height of 1.1 meters and 1.6 meters, according to the different models using different height of the cylinder. Walking cylinder is located in the middle of the chassis, with four legs up and down the cylinder, so walking cylinder to pull the chassis to make the machine forward. Walking cylinder length of 1.6 meters, so the machine walking step length of 1.6 meters. Variation cylinder is located in the middle of the front section of the column, behind the column after the partial, mainly from the pillars of the role. The shrinkage of the seven cylinders can be operated in the control room.

Control mechanism

The control room is located in front of the main hoist of the rear of the rig, the steel structure, the three sides of the window, to ensure broad vision, safe and comfortable. Drill is controlled by the electro-hydraulic joint, all the operation of the button and handle are placed in front of the control room control panel, easy to operate.