Long Auger Drill Machine360 Degree Rotation

The long auger rig consists of two parts: a hydraulic walking pile and a drilling system. Pile frame with hydraulic walking chassis, a high degree of automation, self-walking and 360-degree rotation, with four hydraulic legs and a walking cylinder to assist the walking and rotation while increasing the stability of the machine when the machine can be transported The Column for the folding box-type column, flange connection, the column with two high-thickness mask and bending machine with a large bending machine, welded by two welds at the same time within the column every 60cm welding four Reinforcement is reinforced and the torsion resistance of the column is increased. The column is controlled by two variable-width hydraulic cylinders. The drilling system includes the power head and the drilling tool, the output shaft of the power head and the auger are hollow, the pile machine adopts the long spiral hole, and the concrete (or mud) can be pumped by the drill pipe center pipe to the concrete CFG pile construction , That can be drilled into a hole a machine to complete, can also be used for dry hole into the hole after the replacement of drilling tools can also take a deep mixing and other construction methods.

Structure and working principle: The hydraulic bench is mainly composed of top pulley block, column, inclined strut, chassis, travel mechanism, rotary mechanism, hoisting mechanism, control room, hydraulic system and electrical system.

Column for the folding type, the use of box-shaped cross-section structure type, flange connection. Columns on both sides of the column with a circular or square slide as a power head, drill pipe up and down movement of the guide and torsion. The box is equipped with box-shaped folding column using hydraulic cylinder for landing, convenient and quick, transport without demolition. The lower part of the column is hinged with the upper plate, and the rear part is hinged with the inclined strut. The top of the column has a pulley block to complete the takeoff and landing of the power head, the reinforcement cage and the grouting pipe. The power head can be swung up and down along the slide.

Installation of rigs

1, before installing the rig, the local terrain, geology, hydrology, meteorology and flood level should be fully checked, the ground foreign body clean up, and check the site of underground water pipes and cables, such as sometimes with the relevant units should be relocated The Drilling rig distance from the high voltage line should be consistent with the relevant provisions.

2, drilling rig foundation to reinforce, leveling. After the drilling machine pad to keep the machine in a horizontal position.

3, the installation of drilling rig and the assembly of the drill bit to be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the instructions. When erecting or lowering the drill rig, it should be carried out under the command of the captain or skilled worker. Personnel division of labor to be clear, each to understand their duties, familiar with the surrounding environment, command signals and contact information. In the heavy rain, heavy snow and more than six winds can not stand rigging.

4, the drill hoist center, drilling machine card hole and care pipe center should be in the same vertical line, the drill pipe center deviation shall not be greater than 1% of the pole length.