Maintenance Tips For Well Drill Rigs

Well Drill Rig in use, do not forget to maintain its maintenance, the following we come to understand it:

1. Check the lubricating oil of the wind motor at any time;

2, at any time pay attention to check the water pipeline, Drill Rig bolts, nuts are solid;

3, when the face immersed in water, when opening the hole to use a large diameter of the solder head, inserted drill pipe, so that the drill pipe exposed to the surface of 1-2 meters, to prevent mud and rock slag dropped into the hole;

4, well Drill Rig in drilling and drilling operation is not allowed to reverse lest the drill pipe fell into the hole;

5, well Drill Rig in a short period of time to stop working, to give a small amount of pressure, lest the sediment immersed in the Drill Rig impactor inside, such as long time to stop Drill Rig operations, the impact should be lifted from the bottom of the hole 1-2 meters fixed;

6, the work should pay attention to the impact of the sound and deceleration box operation, found abnormal sound and phenomenon should be immediately shut down, and timely inspection. DTH well Drill Rig in the construction of the base must be based on the type of machinery, operation requirements to build, that in the process of building the base to pay attention to what, below together to understand:

1. The structure of the base should be selected according to drill rig type, drill hole design depth and area condition. No matter which base must ensure the installation of solid, Zhou, level.

2, in four Tower Kok, DTH well Drill Rig's focus points and hole openings should be laid on the upper and lower two layers of material tough base wood, in case of deep hole and loose soil should be reinforced with concrete in the lower part.

3, the steel hole Drill Rig base should be installed according to the instructions specified in the manual, not using cracks and deformed groove steel and I-beam. In the steel base under the main focus, should be a good mat board, sleepers.

4, the foundation of the concrete DTH well Drill Rig is pouring concrete, the volume ratio required for cement, sand, and gravel is $number: particularly loose formations are 1:2:4. Sand and gravel for pouring concrete should be cleaned and mixed evenly with cement: when pouring, you should pay attention to the maintenance after pouring. and carefully check the distance between the screw, to meet the design requirements, must not skew.