Prospect Analysis Of Long Auger Drill Machine

  Prospect Analysis of Long Auger Drill Machine

  Long Auger Drill Machine machine is mainly used for industrial and civil construction, electricity, transportation and other construction of the foundation of the pile hole construction, but also for underground construction of the continuous wall. Long auger drill, drilling for the straight hole, that is, into a pile for the straight hole. The auger has the characteristics of no vibration, no pollution, low noise, high efficiency and can be exempted from the large number of earthworks. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the construction of urban or narrow site construction. Changing the type of drill bit allows the drilling machine to drill permafrost, concrete, lime and rock; change the speed of the drilling machine, so that the drilling machine in the water content is high and even saturated soil drilling into the hole. The rig is ideal for mechanized foundation construction.

  Long Auger Drill Machine machine because of its installed power, output torque, axial pressure, flexible, high construction efficiency, environmental protection and other characteristics, with different drilling tools to adapt to most of China's geological conditions, Long Auger Drill Machine become suitable for building foundation Works in the hole into the best construction machinery. In recent years, Beijing Metro, the construction of road network, especially the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the Olympic venues, the capital airport new terminal and other large projects in the construction, rotary drilling rig efficient, environmentally friendly, high efficiency has been recognized.

  With the gradual deepening of reform and opening up, the domestic market economy needs, making the railway road waterway traffic, urban public facilities and industrial civil construction, Long Auger Drill Machine water conservancy and power facilities, port terminal airport construction of the rapid development of pile foundation construction machinery potential huge market has emerged The Only railway construction, in 2005 China will be on a number of new projects, by 2020 the total investment in railway construction to more than 2 trillion yuan. This year there will be several high-speed passenger line, such as Wu Da, Zhengxi, Shi Tai, Beijing and Tianjin have started, high-speed passenger line more than 60% for the bridge, the diameter of the bridge pile mostly suitable for rotary drilling rig construction, which will be following the Qinghai-Tibet Railway After the rotary drilling rigs have more large-scale applications in railway construction.

  Long Auger Drill Machine machine and construction technology in the northern region of China has been quickly popular in the southern region, especially in the southeastern coastal developed areas due to the formation of soft, piles generally larger and deeper, rotary drilling rig hole difficult, Long Auger Drill Machine Positive and negative circulation drilling machine. In fact, rotary drilling rig with some other equipment can also be in the area of construction, one method is rotary drilling rig and casing drilling rig joint construction; another method is the use of China has been widely used vibration pile hammer drill steel tube In the soft soil area into the hole construction.