Safety Operation Rules For Long Auger Drill Machine

  Safety operation rules for Long Auger Drill Machine

  1 Before installation, check and confirm that the drill pipe and the parts are not deformed. After installation, the centerline of the drill pipe and power head is allowed to skew for 1% of full length. , 10M above the drill pipe can not be connected to the ground after a lifting installation.

  2 drill operator in operation before, should be familiar with the pile driver structure, performance and use.

  3 construction site should be smooth, solid, Long Auger Drill Machine soft sections should be bedding rolling; rig should be placed smooth and solid. Mechanical and electrical equipment should be responsible for the management of the person, where the posts should be held operating certificate;

  4 at the beginning, the application of bells or other means to send a signal to inform the surrounding staff to leave.

  5 before the start of the operating lever on the neutral position, after starting, Long Auger Drill Machine should be empty running test, check the instrument, temperature, sound, brake and other work is normal, before operation.

  6 drilling, when the rack appears to shake, move, skew or rhythm of the rhythm, it should immediately stop drilling, after processing, can continue drilling. Drilling machine issued under the limit limit alarm signal, should stop drilling, drill pipe will be slightly raised, to be lifted after the alarm, before continuing drilling.

  7 pile driver in the work should be closely watched on the control panel current, Long Auger Drill Machine voltage instructions. If you find abnormal sound or the occurrence of card drilling, it should immediately cut off the power, stop drilling, did not identify the reasons before, not forced to start.

  8 often check the bearing temperature and the bearing cap screws are loose phenomenon, to strictly check the eccentric iron connection screw loosening, to prevent accidents.

  9 When carrying a long drill pipe or mounting pile cap, Long Auger Drill Machine the worker must wear safety equipment (helmet, seat belt).

  10 during the drilling process, is strictly prohibited mechanical maintenance, maintenance work.

  11 piling machine to stop working, should immediately cut off the power supply, Long Auger Drill Machine such as long-term disabled, should be checked for the pile driver, maintenance, and do the motor moisture protection.