The Engineering Drill Rig Of Bit Slippage

The engineering Drill Rig of bit slippage

Reason 1: the bottom of the bucket to shut down

Rotating drill using friction rod drilling pile mud water, pay attention to the penetration depth, no fight if single bucket penetration depth, Drill Rig the drill pipe is filled with dirt, continue drilling by cutting the dirt to accommodate all the time, in the mouth and drill pipe into slag and pushed up front of the bucket tooth, when pushed up the soil after reaching a certain amount, bucket tooth, a former convenient form a large chunk of the soil, and the height of the dipper teeth are equal, and form an organic whole. Bucket tooth has lost its cutting action at this time, under the lubrication of mud or water, drill pipe is unable to continue drilling, therefore, when the reverse to close the bottom of the bucket, the bucket bottom has no resistance, so the bottom of the bucket will instead not to close with drill pipe.

Reason two: fell out of the waste residue

After inversion improve primary volume, when the drill pipe in the mud or water lift, because the mud or water resistance to a certain extent, the resistance will be within the drill pipe on waste residue to produce a downward force, due to bit a cone-shaped drill tube, rotary digging footage quickly lead to the inside of the drill pipe extrusion of residue in dense enough, primary volume increasing too fast, fell out of the results in a waste residue in the bucket, so every time is not the bottom of the bucket not closed residue can fall out.

Reason 3: skid phenomenon

Off at this time has lost its solid residue in soil under the integrity of the original and so, after the second drill tooth directly inserted into the waste residue, drill bucket bottom surface direct pressure on the waste residue, as the drill pipe rotary drilling, took off the residue in rugged and aperture fully compacted, Drill Rig when not in compressed waste residue, floor plane is the residue in hold, bucket tooth and repeated rotation within already in groove. At this time to form three layers, the first layer is repeatedly rotating drill pipe, the second layer is off the waste residue; Intercalation, and the third layer is not cutting through real soil, due to the drill pipe are in conformity with the diameter of the hole, drill pipe rotation and weak - no reaction, no friction, no pressure, bottom plate and dropped in water or mud residue in lubrication, appeared skid phenomenon.

Reason 4: to prevent slippage

Skid phenomenon can be overcome, Drill Rig and the first combination of a single bucket on the display penetration depth. Although mud drilling resistance is small, but with the increase of drill pipe internal waste residue, the mouth into the slag will produce resistance, thus improve drilling resistance, power head of the voice of the planetary reducer with resistance to change, so listen to your head voice can determine penetration amount, when drilling resistance increase, the speed of the power head also decreases, so through the DPR can also judge that footage. If geological change is not big, no drilling time and depth of the bucket should be kept in a certain range, but single bucket penetration depth should be within 0.5 to 0.6 meters, in reverse, shutting off the bottom of the bucket as far as possible when drilling with load, then the bottom of the bucket has a certain resistance, so as to prevent the bottom of the bucket with drill tube inversion.

Reason 5: skid

(1) can handle even appear skid phenomenon, Drill Rig the second after the drill, first of all, through the data on the display to determine the thickness of sediment fell off, after to see off the geological characteristic softness, after to see off the geology of the hardness, if drop down a lot of mud, and it is hard cement, then change the than smaller pile diameter of drill pipe to solve sliding, due to the small diameter drill pipe has a larger gap between the hole wall, off the dirt in the drill pipe under the action of drill pipe weight and pressure, through the clearance between the hole wall and drill pipe will be squeezed to the next, small diameter drill bucket comes into contact with the real soil can normal drilling, when small drill pipe ascension, squeezed into XuTu next to fall into the small diameter of hole, not fall into the holes of the waste residue of after being secondary drilling holes in large diameter drill pipe extrusion to, thus large diameter drill pipe can be normal drilling.

(2) if the residue is fallen from mud, compressibility is good, then no need to drill pipe, the manipulation of the pressure and power head repeatedly turn positive, because the power head and pipe has a gap between each section also has a gap between drill pipe and drill pipe, although into the skid, but drill pipe and drill pipe has its own weight resistance, so quickly turn the obtainment of drill pipe, using gap can produce impact, the impact in drill pipe weight of drill pipe can produce resistance, the resistance is the reaction with friction, then can the pressure, passed into the interlayer of XuTu moment to compress waste residue off, let waste residue from the gaps between the drill pipe and the hole wall extrusion, Drill Rig and part into the drill pipe, until normal dipper teeth come into contact with the real soil drilling, must remember the positive transfer, pressure in the moments before to add pressure relay.