The Power Source Of The Hydraulic Hammer Is The Pressure Oil Provided By The Excavator

  The power source of the hydraulic hammer is the pressure oil provided by the excavator, loader or pump station, which can effectively clean up the floating rocks and the soil in the crevice of rock in the role of excavating the building foundation. The principle of choosing hydraulic hammer is to select the most suitable hydraulic hammer according to the excavator model and operation environment.

  1 carefully read the operation Manual of the hydraulic Hammer to prevent damage to the hydraulic hammer and excavator, and to operate them effectively.

  2 before the operation to check the bolts and connectors are loose, and the hydraulic pipeline leakage phenomenon.

  3 Don't peck holes in hard rocks with a hydraulic hammer.

  4) The crushing hammer shall not be operated in full or full shrinkage of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder.

  5 when the hydraulic hose appears intense vibration should stop the operation of the broken Hammer, and check the pressure of accumulator.

  6) Prevent the interference between the excavator's arm and the drill bit of the crusher.

  7 In addition to the drill bit, do not immerse the broken hammer into the water.

  8) The crushing hammer shall not be used as lifting apparatus.

  9) The breaker shall not operate on the crawler side of the excavator.

  10 hydraulic hammer and hydraulic excavator or other construction machinery installation connection, its mainframe hydraulic system work pressure and flow must meet the technical parameters of hydraulic hammer requirements, hydraulic Hammer "p" port with the mainframe high-pressure oil circuit connection, "a" mouth and with the main circuit connection.