Vibratory Hammer Safety Rules

(1) check the shock absorber of vibratory pile hammer and the fastening of bolts shall not be in a State of bolt loose or missing parts started.
(2) check to make sure that the vibration oil level in the tank in the specified scope, and with their hands when they change the belt pulley and vibration box without any abnormal noise.
(3) check the drive belt tension and adjust too loose or too tight when tape shield should not be damaged.
(4) the holder and fastening bolts, loose connection of the vibrator, hydraulic cylinder connector at the bottom of the shield should be complete.
(5) check the clamping profile, when tooth wear of more than 4mm, or surfacing should be replaced. Before use, should be clamped between 1 block 10~15mm try the thick steel clips. Test folders should be no leakage of the hydraulic cylinder, the system pressure should be normal, not clamping between plate when clamping.