Vibro Hammer As A Pile Of Machinery

  Vibro Hammer as a pile of machinery, many people are no strangers, but because the hammer of the type of too much, I wonder if you are concerned about which

  Although the "robot" application is common, but we do not want to discuss it today. What we want to introduce is a vibrating hammer that can be used for deep foundation construction.

  Electric Vibro Hammer was the main force in the Vibro Hammer, but in recent years the total feeling of this hammer construction performance is not ideal, Vibro Hammer lack of strength, shock, noise is too large, and let everyone think that Vibro Hammer is not suitable for the current foundation construction.

  It is precisely because of some poor performance of electric Vibro Hammer, hydraulic Vibro Hammer will gradually fire up.

  Although the hydraulic Vibro Hammer has been developed for decades, there are many advantages, but because of high cost, in the domestic application has been very limited.

  In recent years, some of the major domestic projects more and more difficult, the requirements of the equipment will be higher and higher, some of the past can not afford fine, large, Vibro Hammer thin equipment, because of its high construction quality, high efficiency, It is more and more favored by the Party, hydraulic Vibro Hammer is also ushered in its debut.