Vibro Hammer Construction Of Concrete Pouring Pile

The vibration hammer is used in the construction of pile foundation construction machinery, for the construction of concrete pouring pile. (Pile of concrete), lime pile, sand pile, gravel pile; coupled with the pile after the pile can be prefabricated concrete pile and all kinds of steel piles The It is the highway, bridges, airports, construction and other infrastructure construction of the ideal equipment. Another vibration pile hammer can also be used as vibration sinking pile driver, board machine and other mechanical piling hammer.

The use of electric motor to drive pairs of eccentric block for the opposite rotation, so that they produce lateral centrifugal force offset each other, and vertical centrifugal force is superimposed on each other, through the eccentric high-speed rotation of the gear box to produce vertical up and down vibration, The Mainly by the vibration absorber, vibrator and electrical components of the three major components.

Vibration hammer safe operation

1. The distance from the work site to the power transformer or the mains of the power supply should be within 200m.

2. Power supply capacity and wire cross-section should be consistent with the provisions of the factory instructions, start, when the motor rated voltage changes in the range of -5% to +10%, the rated power can run continuously; when exceeded, should control the load.

3. Hydraulic box, electrical box should be placed in a safe and flat place. Electrical boxes and motors must be fitted with protective earthing facilities.

4. Long-term parking before re-use, should determine the insulation value of the motor, and not less than 0.5MΩ, and should be conducted on the cable core test. Cable Outer rubber layer should be intact.

5. Should check and confirm the electrical box parts are intact, no contact contact, contactor contact without burning hair phenomenon.

6. Before operation, should check the vibration pile hammer shock absorber and the connection bolts tightness, shall not be loose or missing parts of the state to start.

7. Check and confirm that the lubricating oil level in the vibrating box is within the specified range. Hand wheel to tape, the vibration box shall not have any abnormal sound.

8. Should check the tension of the transmission tape, too loose or too tight should be adjusted. The tape shield should not be damaged.

9. The fastening bolts at the connection of the gripper and the vibrator shall not be loosened. Hydraulic cylinder head of the connector guard should be complete.

10. The tooth profile of the clamping plate should be checked. When the tooth wear more than 4mm, should be replaced or repair with surfacing. Before use, should be placed in the middle of a 10-15m thick plate to clip the folder. The test cylinder in the hydraulic cylinder should be no leakage, the system pressure should be normal, not between the clamping plate when there is no steel plate clip.

11. Suspension of vibration hammer cranes, the hook must be anti-loose protection device. Vibration pile hammer hanging steel frame earrings should be installed on the insurance wire rope.

12. Start vibration pile hammer should monitor the starting current and voltage, a start time should not exceed los. When starting difficulties, should identify the cause, troubleshooting, before they can continue to start. After starting, should be reduced to normal when the current value can be transferred to the operating position.

13. Vibration pile hammer after the start of operation, should be the amplitude to reach the specified value before they can operate. When the amplitude is still unable to pull the pile after the normal, should switch to a larger power vibration pile hammer.

14. When pulling the steel sheet pile, it should be pulled in the opposite direction of the order of the sink. When the clamp is clamped, it should be close to the adjacent one, and the center of the web should be clamped to the pile. Such as steel sheet pile and the head of the pile of holes, drilling should be flat or cut above the hole can also be welded at the drill hole to strengthen the plate should be strictly prevent the release of steel sheet pile.

15. Pile, the gap between the gripper and the head of the pile shall not be left and the pressure gauge shall be shown to have reached the rated pressure before commanding the crane to take up.

16. Pull pile, when the pile part of the pile was pulled up 1.0 ~ 1.5m, should stop the vibration, tied with a pile of steel wire rope, and then from the vibration pile. When the pile tip in the ground only 1 ~ 2m, should stop the vibration, by the crane directly pull the pile. After the pile is fully withdrawn, the gripper shall not be released until the pile rope is not hoisted.

17. Before the pile, should be the front of the pile positioning, adjust the vertical and guide rails, should not make the tilt more than 2 °.

18. When the pile is piled, the rope of the pile should be loosened by keeping the pile down. In the pile before 3m, can be used to move the pile driver or guide rod before and after the move to correct the vertical pile; in the pile of soil more than 3m, no longer be corrected.

19. In the process of piling, when the ammeter index rises sharply, the speed of the pile should be reduced and the motor should not be overloaded. However, when the pile is too slow, a certain amount of counterweight can be added to the vibration pile hammer.

20. During operation, when the hydraulic hose is damaged, the hydraulic control box failure or power failure (including fuse blown), should immediately stop, the commutation switch on the "middle" position, and should take security measures, not allowed to pile from Gripper off.

twenty one. Operation, should be kept vibration pile hammer vibration device friction parts with good lubrication.

twenty two. After the operation, the vibration pile hammer should be placed along the guide bar to a low point, and the use of wood block mat, with pile of vibration pile hammer can be inserted into the underground half of the pile.

twenty three. After the operation, in addition to the control switch should be cut off the switch, the switchboard should be cut off the switch, and should be used to cover the yard of the rain control cloth.