What Is A Crawler Piling Machine

Three-track-hanging pile-pile frame is superior in terms of performance. This first three-track pile-pile frame working range, good stability and, secondly, because the post is a three-point support, ability to withstand lateral loads. Three-point bracing is retractable, column can be tilted in order to meet the needs of slant. Most three-point lower Bay is scalable. Oil cylinder adjusting, adjusting range of 1.5012 million mm on the diagonal vertical adjustment of the telescopic cylinder apart from the Bay, but also in order to make the column tilt on the slant pile, so travel is large, generally around 2.5M. But for those who often play straight pile-pile, you should change itinerary for 1M cylinder.
Dual steering column. Many piling now uses double steering column. This is in the column adjacent to the surface on both sides are equipped with Rails, you can install two kinds of pile-driving equipment. Usually consisting of diesel a diesel hammer hammer hammer and long spiral drilling rig consisting of a power head and drill pipe so that construction of bored pile. Dual steering column significantly improves the efficiency of piling.