What Kind Of Device Does Vibro Hammer Have To Improve Efficiency?

What kind of device does Vibro Hammer have to improve efficiency?

The Vibro Hammer includes: the main body; the impact unit comprises a piston hood which is mounted to ascend through the hydraulic control valve unit installed in the body, a Hammer guide device which can be mounted on the main body to be axially connected with the piston hood shell, and a piston having an elastic deformation at both ends of the piston hood and the Hammer Guide device and in a predetermined angle relative to the lift direction of the piston hood; The rotating unit is mounted in the body and the steering device of the Vibro Hammer which is lifted with the piston rotates in a reciprocating direction. When the side pressure is applied to the rod connected to the piston, the Vibro Hammer can prevent it from being damaged by making the piston elastically deformed.

The vibrating hammer device comprises a excitation device, a vibration device connected with a damping plate, and a connecting plate between the damping plate and the excitation device. The bottom surface of the damping plate is provided with a pile body, and the two piles are connected by a loading plate, and the loading plate is extended through the pile body, and the top of the two pile bodies is connected with the damping plate. The bottom is connected with the surface of a hydraulic plate, and the pile body is fixedly connected with the hydraulic plate, the middle part of the loading plate is provided with a connecting mechanism, Vibro Hammer and the connecting mechanism is connected with the loading plate, and the bottom of the connecting mechanism is arranged on the surface of an auxiliary force plate, and the excitation device is two, and one of them is arranged on the surface of the damping plate. The other is located between the hydraulic plate and the auxiliary stress plate. The vibration hammer device has good stability and high output efficiency, and the periodic exciting force produced by the excitation device causes the pile body to vibrate, Vibro Hammer thus the soil liquefaction around the pile is reduced and the friction of the soil on the pile is good.