Working Method Of Improving Machine Efficiency Of Drilling Rig

  Working method of improving machine efficiency of drilling rig

  Drilling machinery in the project has an important application, in the process of operation, want to improve the efficiency of drilling machinery is a lot of relevant technical personnel want, there are many methods, the following to introduce you to improve drilling machinery efficiency.

  Before drilling machinery work, must inspect each part, the clear water enters the well tube by the filtration hole, and tries to run each body, confirms the normal, the square can work.

  Piling site requirements of flat, solid, no dust, no high-voltage, barrier-free, the well should not be too deep, general 8-12m more suitable, underground no empty, no burial, no water after the rain, when the level of movement from the ground SM above, do not choose the well type, and should be set safe works, prohibit pedestrians, enter or stay, the sleepers should be laid in a solid flat ground, the track grounding resistance is not greater than 10, rail distance deviation should not exceed 0.6cm, track connector plate connection must be firm.

  There is a strict stipulation on the operation of the drilling machine. For example, the most basic requirements of drilling machinery is that operators must hold certificates, so in the drilling before the large-grain salt into the flower tube, comply with safety regulations and safe production of ten disciplines, so that the filter water hole does not plug, into the well after the salt slowly dissolved.

  The power cords, motors and knives are connected correctly, the insulation is good, the voltage deviation must not exceed +5%, the construction of small diameter tube well is generally used to drill holes to a certain depth, if the two electric motors should be operated at the same time, when the plate-standing pile frame should be started when the plate is 10 20cm, it should be shut down and the normal rear can continue to rise.

  The above is to improve the efficiency of drilling machinery introduction, I believe that through the above explanation, many people will improve the drilling machine methods have more understanding, I believe many people can gain.