Zhenzhong Enterprise Profile

Wenzhou Zhenzhong Basic Engineering Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales services of piling machinery. It is the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Wenzhou and has its own provincial-level new type of vibration The Hammer R&D Center is also the first backbone enterprise of piling machinery to produce vibratory hammers for export to Japan and other developed countries.

The company has established a close and long-term cooperative relationship with the Beijing Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of Construction and the Japan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in line with the strategic policy of "Science and Technology Enterprise, Quality Creation". Relying on its strong technical force, the company has successfully developed DZ , EP series vibration hammer, JZB series walking pile frame, ZLD series multi-axis drilling machine, CFG series long auger drill, YZM series hydraulic vibration hammer, KIDU series double power head multi-function drill, etc. 18 series and more than 90 specifications The piling products of the company have successively won a number of provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards and certifications. In recent years, the performance of Zhenzhong's vibratory hammer has been continuously upgraded. The SMW multi-axis drilling machine has been favored by customers, the dual-power head multi-function drilling machine has replaced imports, and the DCM four-axis engineering machine has emerged.

At present, Zhenzhong’s sales and service network has covered the whole country, and it has become an important partner of China Railway, China Communications, China State Construction, China Water, China Nuclear and other large infrastructure construction units; at the same time, it has set up offices in Indonesia, in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other regions have established agency partners to expand overseas markets.

In the past 35 years, Zhenzhong people have always been with the vision of "casting a century-old pile-manufacturing enterprise". They have devoted their ingenuity to the field of pile-manufacturing, making the product to the extreme, creating the greatest value for customers, and becoming the country's pile foundation construction with the greatest core competitiveness. The leader of integrated solution providers.