Zhenzhong Machinery Won Nearly 20 Million Orders At The Shanghai BMW Exhibition

At the biennial Shanghai BMW Exhibition, the figure of Zhenzhong Machinery appeared again. This time we are a large group of joint piling workers Lu Yinghui. This time our "lineup" is also very powerful, vibratory hammer, excavator hammer, three-axis power head, two-axis power head, as well as our new dual-power head multi-function drilling rig, DTH hammer all appeared at the BMW show. During the four-day BMW exhibition, the weather in Shanghai was very strong, the sun was shining, and the outdoor exhibition area was full of people. Customers in our exhibition area are also endless. At the same time, we also planned a novel "marketing plan" and won a total order of nearly 20 million. Thank you for your great support from new and old customers! The exhibition at the BMW Exhibition was very successful. Thank you for our piling industry Lu Yinghui Alliance, as well as all our colleagues in the company for their hard work! Everyone will meet again in 2020!