Zhenzhong Pile Equipment Company Took Part In The 10th Advanced Forum Of Deep Foundation

Zhenzhong pile equipment company took part in the 10th Advanced Forum of Deep Foundation & the 2nd Deep Foundation Technology Equipment Trad Fair from 4th Sep to 6th Sep in Jinan city, Shandong province.


There are more than 100 equipment and construction companies in China, like Sany, XCMG, Zoomlion and so on, meanwhile the exhibition also received 15,000 visitors during the exhibition. We come to this big party, show the new equipment, communicate and learn from each other.


And our company Zhenzhong pile equipment company, with APIE members, Tysim Equipment, Tuff Equipment and Xinliang drill, we associated in one group and shown on together.


We show the vibro hammer, the CFG drill rig, the 3 shafts drill rig, the screw auger rig, which take attracted many customers.


And we aslo tried the TIK TOK the first time in this exhibition and did a great job.