Pile Extraction Machine

Product Details

  Zhejiang Zhenzhong brand DZ45A vibratory hammer is one of the most popular size vibratory hammer we had in our product line. It is small but very easy to operate for common projects .


  1. The DZ series hammers are characterized by high acceleration of vibration, high vibration frequency, strong capability in penetrating the ground and outstanding performance in driving piles into the ground.

  2. The damper beam equipped with weights has a larger weight. During pile driving, it can enhance the efficiency of driving piles as the spring stores larger energy; during pile extraction, it can protect the frame due to its better damping effect.

  3. They are equipped with pressure mechanisms as well as pressure pulleys under hammers. When N values of soil layers are larger and the conditions of soil texture are bad, hoists can be used to add pressure on hammers by tightening wires so as to improve the effect of driving piles.

  4. They are equipped with three-phase six-pole vibration resistant motors which are characterized by large starting torque, strong overload capacity, the high insulation grade and the long continuous operation time. Hammers of different models can adopt multiple motor starting methods such as the star-delta reduced voltage starting method, the autotransformer reduced-voltage starting method and the frequency converter starting method so as to ensure stability of motor starting.







Motor power

45 kw


1100 r/min

Eccentric moment

245 nm

Centrifugal force


Amplitude (free hanging)

 8.9 mm

Max. Extraction Force


Overall Dimensions (H×L×W)


 Total weight

 3820 kg